What causes erectile dysfunction?

Inability to get or maintain a sufficient erection for a proper intercourse, called erectile dysfunction in medical terms, unfortunately, is experienced by nearly 1/2 of all men over 40. Its causes vary widely, from physical to purely psychological, and aren’t necessarily connected with age, but rather with stress, disagreeable experiences and, surely, health conditions.

What ED is in fact and how exactly it occurs?

Firstly, let’s remember the essential mechanism of natural erection itself. Where sexual arousal occurs, a complex chemical reaction is triggered in the male body. The brain receives nervous signals, interprets them and induces production of a certain chemical, called cGMP, which increases the normal blood flow to the penis. It’s the blood that makes the organ stiffen and enlarge. If the amounts of blood are insufficient, because the level of cGMP is low, no erection occurs or it’s poor.
As you probably see, the process is rather complex and may be impaired by a multitude of factors. And, at times, there might be more than only one factor in each individual ED case.

So what physical factors cause or contribute to ED?

cardiovascular diseasesThe following major causes of ED may be highlighted: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and hormonal conditions. If your thyroid is underactive or overactive, it might be the cause.
Apart from circulatory system problems and hormones, unhealthy lifestyle can easily turn out to be the main reason. Excessive drinking, obesity and use of recreational drugs certainly don’t contribute to proper functioning of any body system, especially reproductive one.
Naturally, side effects of certain medications also deserve a specially emphasized mention. Some medicinal products, like antidepressants, beta-blockers, corticosteroids, remedies against stomach ulcers, allergies, certain mental health conditions, drugs controlling cholesterol levels have adverse effect on potency. Your problem might be connected with any of those, if you take them, so it’s advisable to consult a PD about them.

Interfering psychological factors

StressPsychological reasons of ED aren’t less frequent or serious. Worrying about ability to perform is even reported as a major psychological cause. Stress, depressions, anxiety or relationship issues can well become the underlying cause of your distress.
All in all, causes may vary, some can be remedied, some can be solved or reduced, depending on their severity and origin.

Is there any simple remedy?

Some problems may be solved through surgeries or injections. But the easiest, quickest and most widely used remedy is certainly Viagra.
Viagra, or, as it’s commonly known by the name of its active ingredient, Sildenafil, successfully overcomes most ED problems, inhibiting the enzyme, PDE5, which causes disintegration of the abovementioned cGMP, necessary for erection maintenance. It also has targeted influence on blood flow, increasing its supply to the penis. So, if the problems with in you case are caused by poor blood supply in the responsible moment, Viagra will instantly eliminate them.
Luckily, today online viagra offers are available, so there’s no need go to a drugstore and speak about ED issues with a stranger eye to eye. The product offered online is also cheaper, while the quality and effect remain as supreme and reliable, as with physical drugstore analogues. Viagra generic options, are even cheaper than branded pill, while essentially containing the same AI, but you don’t pay for advertising and brand. That’s why generic viagra online is so widely popular and utterly recommended to those willing to forget about anxiety in bed and even any hints of ED.