Q & A

Product (Viagra)

  1. Are products sold here certified and FDA-approved?

Certainly. Absolutely all drugs available for purchasing here have been entirely approved by FDA and come from licensed manufacturers only. We never work with counterfeit products. What you find here are only reliable generics of the highest tested quality.


  1. What medical products can be bought here?

Our range includes both generics and original branded pills. All medications found here are safe, reliable and produces by the most reliable manufacturers that have all necessary licenses and most stringent quality control procedures.


  1. What shelf lives do your products have?

We’re proud of our quick turnover speaking for the popularity and quality of goods here, while also enabling to provide you with medications with the “freshest” shelf lives. Those are indicated right on the blisters of your pills. On average, shelf lives of products offered by us are about 2 years.


  1. How generic pills differ from branded originals?

There’s absolutely no difference, other than name, color and/or shape. Their active ingredients (and only it matters in a medication), its amounts, quality, reliability and efficiency are totally the same. In other words, a generic is a medication produced by a manufacturer other than the initial, original one, but following the original formula, technological process and quality requirements, which at times might appear to be even more stringent and exacting than that of the original manufacturer. Naturally, the name differs, because brand names come protected by copyrights. But since the patent for the formula has already expired, other manufacturers are absolutely free to use it, without making consumers pay for development and advertising of the medication. Thus, generics are by no means inferior, but far cheaper.


Ordering, Payment, Shipment


  1. How exactly an order is made?

The procedure is utterly simple. Just select any product wished, the desired quantity and dose, and click to add it to our online card. Having added everything you wanted, proceed to entering registration information and payment page. This can be done at any time suitable for you and from any place of your choice and our operators will process it within regular working hours. You’ll receive a confirmation to your e-mail within max. 24 hours.


  1. Can my order be changed or entirely cancelled?

You are free to alter your order or ultimately cancel it before you receive its confirmation. Unfortunately, no changes may be made after the confirmation. Where an order is cancelled, money will be returned to your account in 2-3 days.


  1. What are your shipment options?

We ship all orders only after their payment and confirmation either by Airmail or by trackable courier delivery. For Airmail the approximate delivery timeframe will be 2 or 3 weeks, for courier delivery the time will be about 3-8 days. Orders are usually shipped next day or even same day free of any charge.

If the order isn’t received within said timeframe, please, communicate us and we’ll solve the matter quickly, by either resending your package or refunding. Please note, sometimes shipments may be delayed at customs. Anyway, we’re totally at your service and ready to answer your inquiries and provide any possible and reasonable assistance.


  1. What possible payment options include?

You’ll see all possible variants when you proceed to the payment page after placing your order. Generally, we accept all usual payment modes, including PayPal.


  1. What will the package look like?

Pills come in blisters, typically 10 pills in each. Those, in their turn are in cardboard packs. The shipment packaging will be most discreet in no way suggesting what the contents are like and will also ensure the utter safety of the product during its transportation.


About our company


  1. Is a prescription required here?

No. No prescriptions are ever necessary for us for generic products.


  1. What’s your policy about privacy?

We realize the importance of privacy especially in such sensitive matters as healthcare. Therefore, we’ve implemented the most stringent confidentiality policy and security measures. All your data are reliably protected here, be it your identity or payment details. No information communicated by you to us on this web-site will ever be passed to any other persons.


  1. Why are products here cheaper?

We offer generics at agreeable and reasonable prices, procuring all our products directly from large offshore suppliers in large batches. Without renting real premises for selling goods we can save on our business costs and pass the benefits to our valuable clients. The reduction in prices doesn’t deteriorate the quality or reliability of our goods anyhow.


Miscellaneous viagra questions


  1. Why haven’t I still received a mail on confirmation?

First, we recommend checking the spam filter or maybe your mailbox is overfilled. Another frequent reason is that clients may indicate incorrect mail while placing there orders. After checking your mailbox for spam and overfilling, please, report to us immediately to clear the matter up.


  1. My order was damaged during the transportation or is incomplete

Don’t hesitate or wait to inform us, we’ll look into your situation and over you a substitution or refund.